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Morning at the RV Hall of Fame. Driving, and more driving. Another night in a Flying J parking lot. Tonight we are in a Cabela’s campground in Sidney, Nebraska, about 2 hours east of Cheyenne, WY. Cheyenne was our target, but with the high winds, the driving was very fatiguing, so Jeff and I decided that a night at a campground with electric, H2O and showers would ease our road-weary bones.


Off to an early start. Jeff was up before me, replacing the headlight that burned out last night, buying a pair of $5.99 sunshades for the cab, checking tire pressure all around, etc. He woke me around 5:30 AM so I could get dressed, hit the head, buy some coffee and go.

Buy some coffee? Didn’t we bring a coffee maker? Why, yes, we did. But the alternator does not seem to be charging the house battery bank, and the house bank is getting low (~11.3 Volts), so we did not want to run the microwave or coffee maker or anything this morning.

What to do?

Step 1: Hit the road.

Step 2: fill the propane tanks. We ran out yesterday. The gauges on the tanks do not work (on the list to fix at some future date). We’re hoping that the next Flying J will have propane. The one we spent last night in did, but I guess they can’t pump propane before daylight

Step 3: get the fridge cooling on propane.

Step 4: get the generator charging the house bank.

Step 5: check the charge coming out of the alternator.

Step 5 will hopefully take place at a campground in Elkhart, Indiana. Our original goal was to get there before 5 PM today, in time to hit the RV Hall of Fame before they close. At this point, we’ll have to hit it briefly tomorrow morning before we hit the road.