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Monthly Archives: July 2008

If the manufacturer doesn’t come through we’ll still be able to use the bike rack. My friend Mike helped me do a little machining of the existing tube. The part that fits into the receiver socket now measures 1.99″ across. (There’s probably even room for me to add a little paint to the freshly exposed steel!) No photo of this one. Too ugly.

Hopefully tomorrow I will finish the new wiring harness for the two dolly. Today disappeared in a futile attempt to jam the bike rack into the accessory receiver.

Picked up the new bike rack today. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t fit into our 2″ accessory receiver. Other “hitch stuff” fits fine.

The digital caliper reveals the problem-and the rack manufacturer is looking for a tube that’s a little smaller.


Yesterday I wired this spiffy new trailer socket, replacing one that was broken and incorrectly wired. Today I’m using the project as an excuse to test the WordPress iPhone app.


Michelle and I are hard at work preparing for our cross-country journey. We’ll be using the space to keep you up-to-date on our adventure, to comment on (and critique) our rig and gear, and most importantly to share stories about the places we go and people we meet along the way.

We’ll both be contributing from the road as time and technoloy allow. And in the next couple of weeks preceding departure, I hope to share some of the backstory about our trip planning and purchase and modification of our camper. 

Thanks for reading!