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We know. We’re bad at “Web 2.0.” We put the “anti” in social media. Instead of coming back to the camper every night to write blog posts and process photographs (or better yet, posting from the field as it all took place) we did other things. Like sleep. Fear not. We’ll be filling in the blanks with words and images.

Just as soon as we catch our breath…


One benefit of sitting in a hotel room with nothing to do (yet) is catching up on offloading cameras, making minor adjustments to photos and getting them uploaded to share with you.

I’ve added photos to a number of the blog entries so you might want to start back at the beginning and take a look. Thanks for your patience and understanding. We know we’re Web 2.0 lame for not managing to do this on the fly.

Whoops! The photos have been cropped in an unintended way when posted. I’ll try to sort it out later today and will let you know when they look right. (Feel free to have a look anyway, but remember you’re not getting the full picture!)

roverhauler  002.jpg

Plans to depart yesterday were scrapped. We spent the day loading and stowing more gear, clothing, and, of course, MIchelle’s costume’s for Burning Man. When I looked at my watch and saw that it was 3pm (and we still weren’t done) I decided it would be better to take our time finishing, get a good nights rest, and depart early this morning.

This morning, after a hearty breakfast prepared by Michelle’s mom Jessie, we’ll pack the vacuum-packed meals we’ll be eating at Burning Man into the ice chest, hook up the tow dolly, and be on our way.

Stories, and pictures (we promise) from the road to follow.

….But Jeff and I made no additional progress on the RV, due to yet another all-consuming project.  

Last night, we succeeded in making our very first LED illuminated hula hoop!!!  I’ve wanted one for a long time, I’m pretty good at soldering, and I enjoy making things by hand, so I really wanted to make my own.  I’m not saying that I would never buy one given the many cool designs that are out there, but I wanted my first one to be home made and made by me.  My new hoop was based on a how-to article in CRAFT:magazine… or was it in MAKE:? [It was CRAFT: —Jeff]

Given that I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, and given that we had a couple of mishaps with broken wires and recalcitrant wire strippers, it took close to 5 hours to complete.  We were up until almost 2 AM completing the project, but I was so excited I just had to take it outside for a spin.  It looks great, IMHO.  A photo and link to the how-to article will be forthcoming.  [Link to a preview of the article is above, but you need to be a subscriber to see the entire article. Instructables has a tutorial available, but their hoop is more complicated than the MakerSHED kit we built because it uses resistors. —Jeff]

At last, I’m properly equipped for hooping at Burning Man!  I originally wanted to complete the hoop in time for our shakedown RoVerhauler voyage to the Cape last weekend, but alas, it was not to be.  But it will be accompanying me to a housewarming party and Home Improvement Man burn in NY with our dear friends Eric and Carlane.

BTW, this is my first EVER blog post.  I hereby gleefully join the blogosphere!  My blogger instincts are not yet where I want them to be – for instance, missing the photo-ops last night while making and test driving the LED hoop – but I’ll get there.  I’m going to be honing those instincts over the next couple of months, documenting the saga of the RoVerhauler.

Michelle and I are hard at work preparing for our cross-country journey. We’ll be using the space to keep you up-to-date on our adventure, to comment on (and critique) our rig and gear, and most importantly to share stories about the places we go and people we meet along the way.

We’ll both be contributing from the road as time and technoloy allow. And in the next couple of weeks preceding departure, I hope to share some of the backstory about our trip planning and purchase and modification of our camper. 

Thanks for reading!