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As we have travelled, Jeff and I have been gradually learning that we prefer visiting fewer places more extensively, as opposed to rushing from place to place just getting a taste of each location. In that vein, we decided to visit just one of Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park on the way from Great Basin National Park in Nevada to Moab, Utah, and Zion won.

Zion had several things in its favor. First, my friend and glassblowing partner, Katie, who has visited and hiked both, highly recommended Zion. Second, geologists that we met in Winnemucca, NV and Baker, NV recommended Zion as more interesting. And third, Zion seemed to have a lot more variety in terms of landscapes and microclimates when compared with Bryce.

I do hope to return to the western US and visit Bryce Canyon National Park some day (not to mention the Grand Canyon), but the pull of Zion and Moab will be tough to overcome, given that our vacation time and dollars are not unlimited, and given how much we have enjoyed visiting them.

One of the treasures that we found in the vicinity of Zion was a little restaurant called the Red Coyote Cafe. By chance, we stopped there for lunch, and based upon how surprisingly wonderful and unique the lunch was, we went back for a breakfast the next day, and a dinner that same evening. The proprietor, Jan, was charming, and she gave us great advice in terms of where to go and what to do in the park.


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    • Catherine Sherman
    • Posted December 4, 2008 at 7:57 pm
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    Hi, My husband and I did a circuit from Zion to Bryce to Canyonlands to Arches and back to Zion, passing through Capital Reef and the Grand Staircase. I loved them all, but agree that there is more to see in Zion over Bryce, but, like you, we’d didn’t have enough time to fully explore any of the parks.

    I posted a lot of photos and information on my blog, which got automatically linked to yours. My blog is and the posts are “Awesome Utah” and “More Awesome Utah (and a little Las Vegas)” We saw California Condors and rock climbers in Zion, which I photographed.

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