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We made it to Burning Man. And back out again. Under our own power. Two days late, but infinitely better than not at all! Yay! We’ll blog about our adventures at Burning Man and afterwards some time soon, but I just wanted to write a quick post to let folks know that we made it.

As for photos, mine are still trapped in my camera, but I hope to post some in the next day or two.

And as for the RoVerhauler, since Reno, she seems to get happier the more we drive her. We had no problems going from Reno to Black Rock City and back. She was even able to sustain 65 mph going up hills from Reno to Winnemucca, with no black smoke. Her temperature did not get into the danger zone either. Once again, Yay!

The Rocky Mountains still stand between us and home, but all indications are that the RoVerhauler will be up to the task. We’re going to try to do the bulk of our driving during the cooler hours of the morning. If we see signs of black smoke, we’ll swap in the spare air cleaner. If she gets too hot, we’ll find a spot to pull off and give her a rest.

Our friend Mark invited us to a BBQ here at the Winnemucca RV Park, so I’m going to sign out for now.


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