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Yesterday morning, after consulting with Boston Freightliner and Michael Moore, a local truck technician with Cashman Equipment in Elko, we made the decision to have the rig towed to Reno. The Cashman truck shop there seemed like our best bet at getting the various problems sorted out promptly and, if it is the turbo charger, they will honor the warranty on the part. I called them to let them know we’d be coming, then called Good Sam Club to initiate the tow. Unfortunately, because their coverage only includes the “closest facility” with no regards to warranty needs, we’re eating the majority of the bill for this one. No complaints, the folks at Good Sam have absolutely delivered on everything we signed on for.

roverhauler  013.jpg

Our “old friend” Leland from A-1 Towing was again dispatched to hook us up and pull us down the road. We followed, as best we could, in the Land-Rover. It was a long and grueling drive. If anyone ever tells you that I-80 is flat once you get past Winnemucca you should laugh. We were again frequently forced to reduce speed, though I will grant that there were no genuine mountains to summit.

We arrived and found the folks at Cashman were extremely friendly and the shop was as big and well equipped as we had hoped. We were encouraged to see them pushing the rig into a repair bay for diagnosis before we even left the facility.

roverhauler  014.jpg

We checked into the Nugget for the evening. We devoured a late lunch along with four glasses of water each, ran a few errands, enjoyed the pool and hot tub and a “fancy” dinner at the Trader Dick’s tiki restaurant.

While we’re both anxious for news that we can get back on the road, at least we’re in familiar and comfortable territory and we’re both encouraged that we’re closer to our goal.

We’ll keep you posted!


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